We all come from and return to the Earth our products should too.

Hempress offers high-performing, safe, and genuinely sustainable products, meticulously crafted through a conscious supply chain. With our products, you can have peace of mind, knowing you're making a positive impact on your body and our Earth.

Our Products

Soulful Supply Chains

Organic & Regenerative Agriculture

We consciously partner with organic and regenerative co-ops to source our hemp and cotton. The remarkable resource efficiency of hemp allows it to thrive with minimal water and no pesticides or herbicides. Hemp enriches the soil with essential nutrients while gently purifying it. 

Production Powered by Renewable Energy

With in-house production, we uphold complete transparency throughout our supply chain. Our facility operates solely on solar & wind power, holds FSC certification, and is located near the hemp and cotton fields we source from to ensure as little emissions in transit as possible. Curated in the EU our products have the highest health & sustainability regulations in the world.

Full Ingredient Transparency

Companies can hide unsafe materials in your products. Rest assured, we list ALL of our ingredients so you never have to wonder what you’re putting on your body.

Carbon Efficient Supply Chain

At our core hemp is a carbon negative force sequestering 7 tons of CO2 per acre. Our facility is purposefully located close to the farms we source from and we use strategic warehousing, and thoughtful transportation reducing unnecessary transportation-related emissions.

Recyclable & Biodegradable Packaging

All our packaging is plant-based and safe to recycle, reuse, or compost.

Why Hemp

Ancient Fiber for the Future

Hemp excels in sustainability, health, and performance. It's more absorbent, durable, and versatile than cotton. Naturally antimicrobial, it grows without pesticides, limiting bacterial growth in its application. Remarkably resource-efficient, it uses 5X less water and 3X less land than cotton, while sequestering 7 tons of CO2 per acre, making it carbon negative. Hemp enriches soil and biodegrades rapidly.

Nature Healing Nature

Our Life Cycle

founder’s story

Our Hemp Revolution

Hempress was founded by two young college women; Marilyn & McKenna, to create a solution in period & personal care that aligned with the natural rhythms of the body and the earth. They spent 2+ years on R&D and 4+ years building the company to create the most sustainable disposable products and the first of their kind with hemp fiber.

Guided by purpose and sustainability, every endeavor we undertake reflects our core values. Join us and experience the Hempress Hygienics difference, where purposeful actions and unwavering dedication to well-being shine through every detail.