Period care that cycles with you & the Earth

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Made with Certified Organic Cotton and transitionally organic hemp


100% biodegradable products and packaging 


Fiber sourced from regenerative farm cooperatives

Carbon Efficient

 Hemp sequesters 7 tons of CO2 per acre

Gynocologist Tested

All period care products are gynecologist tested


Our products are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types

Dermatologist Tested

All products are dermatologist tested to be safe and non irritating


Using only natural fiber our products are lightweight & breathable


Hemp is up to 2X more absorbent than cotton alone

FSC Certified

Our paper is sourced from certified responsibly managed forests


All products are certified vegan using no animal products or testing


Our products are 100% plant-based, packaging and all

Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Our in-house facility is only powered by wind and solar

our mission for all

We believe that we are all connected and responsible for the wellbeing of our communities and planet. Through our hemp-based products we hope to inspire a holistic approach to your personal care and encourage you to make mindful choices that benefit not only yourself,

but the beautiful world around us.

our hemp revolution

The Next Generation of Sustainable Products

Hemp excels in sustainability, health, and performance. It's more absorbent, durable, and versatile than cotton. Naturally antimicrobial, it grows without pesticides, limiting bacterial growth in its application. Remarkably resource-efficient, it uses 5X less water and 3X less land than cotton, while sequestering 7 tons of CO2 per acre, making it carbon negative. Hemp enriches soil and biodegrades rapidly.

Safe & Nourishing

Hempress products are gynecologist & dermatologist approved. They use ONLY organic hemp & cotton fiber with no hidden ingredients, are non-toxic, & contain no fragrances. Hempress products are crafted in the EU with most stringent health & safety regulations to ensure the highest quality standards.

hands in clean water

Products that Transcend

Hempress products outperform other leading organic products in liquid absorption and retention while being the most sustainable disposable products on the market. Crafted with only natural fibers our products feel lightweight & breathable on your body.

Lead by Intention

We infuse intentionality into every decision we make, to always prioritize the health of women and the environment above all else. We are guided by purpose and sustainability, and every endeavor we undertake reflects our core values. 

Sincerely Sustainable

Hempress products are organic, biodegradable, & regenerative. With in-house production, we maintain complete control & transparency throughout our supply chain. Our production facility operates solely on renewable energy & holds FSC certification, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


"As someone who struggles with painful, heavy periods, I found Hempress pads to work perfectly for my body. They are soft, comfortable to wear overnight, and leak-free. I felt good about purchasing a product that aligns with my values to protect the environment."


"I tried this product for the sustainability aspect, but will become a recurring customer because of how breathable it is! The typical pads and liners I use with conventional ingredients make me feel stuffy and uncomfortable, but this pad gives a new feeling of freshness without using any fragrances. My body could breathe better because of the natural ingredients, and I’ll never go back!"


"The look and feel of these pads are very similar to those of traditional pads. They worked like a charm and the wings did not get stuck at all.. they were overall super comfortable and could be worn during the day or at night (depending on the day lol). The only difference I could find between a hemp and cotton pad is in their environmental impact which has always been extremely important to me! Really loved this product, 10/10 recommend."


"Similar to my old pads I would use but much more comfortable feel, I almost forgot it was there! Also love the environmentally friendly aspect, such an amazing product and company!"


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