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We are so excited that you are interested in working with the Hempress team. We’re on a mission to share hemp knowledge, female empowerment, and sustainable alternatives with the world, we’d love to work together to make that happen! 

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All About Hempress

How We Started

When we realized what was in the mainstream products we were using each month, we were shocked to say the least. Dioxin, phthalates, benzethonium chloride, benzocaine, butylparaben, methylparaben, octoxynol 9, propylparaben… And our dissatisfaction with current products only grew when we recognized that those same products with the potential to negatively impact our bodies, were also negatively impacting the planet we live on. But as much as we wanted to limit our waste and decrease our own environmental impact, there just wasn’t a realistic option out there for us. As young college students sharing bathroom spaces and always on the go, reusable cups were messy, uncomfortable, and impractical. When hemp was legalized in 2018, we realized we could change that with hemp based feminine hygiene products. We saw the potential in using hemp fibers rather than cotton, both for the user and the planet, and we were inspired to create an alternative for women that was safe, sustainable, convenient, and comfortable. 


Why Now?

Current products are incredibly resource intensive and create a ton of plastic waste. For example, 1 pad contains the plastic equivalent of 4 plastic bags. 5.8 billion tampons were sold in the US alone, sending an amount of waste even larger than the Titanic to the landfill. And that was in just one year. Feminine hygiene products may be a necessity, but a detrimental impact on our planet doesn’t have to be. 

Not to mention, 80% of women using menstrual products state that they don’t know the ingredients in the products they’re using, unaware of the dozens of undisclosed chemicals and synthetic materials in mainstream products. Women use approximately 10,000 pads or tampons over the course of their lifetime, they should know what’s going in each and every one of them.

As environmental, health, and feminist awareness continue to grow, more and more women are looking for sustainable, practical, and safe alternatives. That’s where we come in. 


About Hempress

With the first ever 100% hemp liners, pads, tampons, Hempress Hygienics plans to revolutionize the industry of feminine hygiene. In harnessing the power of hemp fibers, Hempress is creating products that are sustainable, comfortable, practical, and safe. Hemp is antimicrobial and uses 5X less water, 2X less land, is 4X more durable and 2X more absorbent than cotton. Our products are biodegradable, plastic free, and sold in recycled packaging. Additionally, hemp doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides during the farming process, allowing for Hempress products to be completely chemical free, making them safer for the planet we live on and the women that use them. Hempress stemmed from a desire to be more sustainable and a difficulty converting to the uncomfortable and inconvenient products that seemed to be the only alternative. Hemp based products allow users to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, without forfeiting comfort or convenience. 


About the Founders

Hempress Hygienics is a company created by women, for women. With three female founders behind the innovative company, Hempress is determined to create products that truly prioritize women. Each of the principal members has experience in numerous disciplines and backgrounds that will best help them to make an impact on the women around them. Halli Briscoe, Marilyn Austin and McKenna Avery started Hempress while still in college because they recognized the potential of hemp as well as the problems surrounding the feminine hygiene market. The founders are also incredibly passionate about sustainability and social impact so they wanted to create a business that embodied everything they felt a company should represent: healthy products, transparency, and inclusivity, with sustainability and outreach baked into the companies framework. A few years and a ton of R&D later, Hempress Hygienics products were born and ready for the masses!

President and Chief Legal Officer: Halli Briscoe

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer: Marilyn Austin

Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief Hemp Officer: Mckenna Avery


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Q: How can I collaborate with Hempress?

A: We’re looking to collaborate with the press in spreading the word about our company through magazine articles, interviews, newspaper articles. Although, we’re happy to discuss other options for collaborating with the press! 


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