What We Do

Hempress solves modern sustainability problems with the ancient wisdom of utilizing hemp fiber. We are dedicated to providing sustainable and soulful alternatives to single-use personal care products.

Why We Do It

What products we use on our bodies and Earth matters. We are passionate about closing the loop on all products and being transparent every step of the way. At the end of the day we all come from and return to the Earth, our products should too!

Why Hemp?


Soulful Supply Chain

  • Organic & Regenerative Agriculture 

    Only organic cotton and transitionally organic hemp fiber in Hempress products.
  • Production Powered by Renewable Energy 

    Our facilities and machines are all powered by 100% solar & wind power.
  • Guarantee Transparent Ingredients with No Vibe Killers

    Companies can hide weird ** in your products. Don’t worry, we always list ALL of our ingredients so you don’t have to wonder what you’re putting on your body.
  • Recyclable & Biodegradable Packaging 

    Plant-based packaging safe to recycle or compost.
  • Carbon Efficient Supply Chain

    As a start, our base ingredient, hemp, sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. After that we only use FSC certified paper, strategic warehousing, and thoughtful transportation.

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