Welcome to Hempress! 

Here at Hempress we are dedicated to providing products that are healthy for your body AND the environment! When we started this company it was shocking to see that there have been few progressive developments an industry that has been around...forever! Women deserve an alternative to traditional menstrual hygiene products, with full transparency of what they’re putting in their bodies. And that is why we have developed the first ever menstrual hygiene products with 100% hemp fiber. By leveraging the natural benefits of hemp, we can offer products that meet our stringent sustainability ideals, high performance metrics, and quality health standards. 

We are passionate about fostering change throughout the market by providing products that can be high performing AND sustainable. And that allows companies to provide great value for their customers AND their communities. As passionate as we are about sustainability we are also passionate about women's advancement. It is no secret that the menstrual cycle, women's health, and many of the key challenges women face are blanketed in stigma and lack of education. That is why a portion of every purchase is donated to women focused charities to provide feminine products, health care, education, and other key needs to women globally.  

Join us in the movement towards sustainable products, women advancement, and hemp! 

Mission Statement  

As a Benefit Company pursuing B-Corporation status, Hempress Hygienics is a menstrual product company on a mission to provide products that are healthy for women AND the environment. The Hempress mission focuses on three things: Her, Hemp and Health:  

Empower HER  

Hempress is dedicated to empowering women by making menstrual products available globally through partnering with nonprofits, providing education,  advancing career opportunities, and investing in women’s health care.  

Embrace HEMP  

 Hempress prioritizes environmental sustainability through embracing the use of hemp fiber in menstrual products. Hemp is naturally biodegradable, pesticide free, water efficient, and carbon negative.  

Enhance HEALTH  

Hempress enhances women’s health by engineering feminine hygiene products from natural raw materials that are healthy for their bodies. Through harnessing the benefits of hemp we provide products made of antimicrobial fibers that are free of toxins, plastics, hormone disrupters, and fragrances. 

Made BY women, FOR Women 

Hempress is a fully women founded and managed company devoted to providing products that are actually good for women's bodies. That is why we use no fragrances, dyes, harsh chemicals, plastics, or synthetic materials in our products.  

Did you know feminine hygiene is a male dominated industry? That may explain why traditional products are inadequate and prioritize the bottom line rather than women's health and comfort. 

Here at Hempress we are women's health focused in every step of our supply chain. From our product design, to the materials used, and overall experience of using our products, we have tested and tested and tested until we were sure we found the perfect recipe for healthy, sustainable, and high performing products that fit ALL of women's needs. 

What “All Hail the Female”, means to us: 

When we started this company three years ago our mission was to provide healthy sustainable products to women and use the profits to aid in women's global support and advancement. Even today women around the world face immense struggles simply for being born a female. Women are less than 20% of the worlds landowners, women and girls are 60% of chronically hungry people, and women make up over 2/3rd of the worlds illiterate population. Today in 2021 there are over 200 million women and girls who suffer from female genital mutilation and 650 million are married before the age of 18. Globally about 1/3rd of women suffer violence from an intimate partner while only 152 countries have laws against domestic violence. In fortune 500 companies only 7.4% are led by women CEO’s, 28% of managerial positions globally are held by women, and women hold less than 25% of parliamentary positions in government.    

Due to this unjust reality we are dedicated to supporting women's advancement and empowerment as much as we can, one dollar and one women at a time. We are an inclusive and supportive community for people of all genders, sexes, and backgrounds. Here at Hempress we believe all people deserve products that are healthy, sustainable, and make them feel empowered. 

How We Give Back 

A portion of every purchase is donated to women focused charities to provide hygiene products, health care, and education to women globally. We are currently developing our impact strategy and goals which will will share once they are ready. Overall we are focused on having long-term sustainable impacts that drive real change and benefit the people and communities involved at every step.