How is hemp more sustainable?

Our hemp is transitionally organic, regenerative, and resource efficient. Compared to cotton, hemp uses 5X less water, 3X less land, matures 2-3X faster, is naturally antimicrobial, and naturally biodegrades. Hemp also does not strip the soil but actually replenishes key nutrients. Hemp also sequesters 6.69 tons of CO2 per acre which is far superior to trees (2.6 tons per acre), making it carbon neutral if not negative. 

How does hemp fiber perform compared to cotton?

Our hemp-based products out-perform many other Organic Cotton products on the market. In terms of absorption, moister wicking, and durability, hemp fiber exceeds cotton. Being naturally antimicrobial hemp fiber also naturally resists bacterial, and fungi growth.

Is your hemp Organic?

Our hemp is transitionally organic meaning it’s grown with no pesticides, herbicides, or GMO and we are just waiting for the soil to run a full cycle before we can complete the full certification. Head back soon for an update!

Is Hemp Safe?

Absolutely! Our hemp fiber is gynecologist and dermatologist tested and registered with the FDA. Our hemp fiber is also Class 1 Oeke-Tex certified, which is the highest safety rating. Our hemp is transitionally organic meaning no pesticides or herbicides are used in growth. In production we use no harsh chemicals like chlorine & bleach, any dyes, synthetic materials or fragrances. The fiber is thoroughly cleaned using natural compounds and is processed to resemble something very similar to other fibers like cottonor wool. 

Do Hempress products have any THC or CBD?

We use hemp is regulated and specifically grown for fiber, meaning there is little to no CBD or THC present.Agricultural hemp must have a THC content less than .02% and a CBD content of approximately .25%, which are both insignificant and do not cause any side effects.


You can recycle your shipping and product cardboard boxes, throw away or home compost the rest!


All of the components are made in Europe with the highest quality and sourcing in mind.

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