FAQ- Unused


How is hemp more sustainable?
To keep it short; compared to cotton hemp uses 5X less water, 3X less land, matures 2-3X faster, is naturally antimicrobial, and naturally biodegrades. Hemp also does not strip the soil but actually replenishes key nutrients which is incredibly farmer friendly. Hemp also sequesters 6.69 tons of CO2 per acre which is far superior to trees (2.6 tons per acre) and cotton (emits 300 lbs CO2 per acre). Therefore, our fiber is completely carbon neutral if not negative. There is more information is on the about page if you would like to learn more!

How does hemp fiber perform compared to cotton?
Our 100% hemp products perform equal to or better than other Organic Cotton products on the market. In terms of absorption, moister wicking, and durability, hemp fiber exceeds cotton. Being naturally antimicrobial hemp fiber also naturally resists bacterial, and fungi growth. 

Does you hemp have CBD or THC?
We use industrial hemp grown for fiber and therefore it has practically undetectable quantities of  CBD and THC. More specifically our hemp contains equal to or less than .02% THC and .25% CBD which have no effect on our fiber or your body. 

Is your hemp Organic?
Our hemp is non-GMO and uses no pesticides, or herbicides (the requirements to be organic) but we have not completed the Organic certification process yet so cannot claim Organic. We are undergoing the certification process now.