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About Hempress

Current feminine hygiene products are incredibly resource intensive, contain dozens of undisclosed chemicals and synthetic materials, and create large amounts of plastic waste. Not only are these products sending more and more waste to the landfill each year, but they also leave a majority of women uncertain of the ingredients in the products they use. Following the legalization of hemp, founders Halli Briscoe, Marilyn Austin, and Mckenna Avery were inspired to change that. They created Hempress Hygienics, harnessing the power of hemp fibers to create products that are better for our planet and for the women that use them. Using hemp instead of cotton saves water, land, and energy, leaving 1/4 of the carbon footprint cotton products create. Additionally, no plastics, pesticides, herbicides, harsh chemicals, rayon, bleach, colorants, artificial fragrances, or synthetic fibers are used in any of the products. 

Hempress Hygienics plans to revolutionize the world of feminine hygiene, making products that aren’t provided at the expense of the planet, and that women all across the world are proud to use. 



Q: Do Hempress products have THC or CBD in it?

A: No. Each of our products are made using only hemp fibers, not THC or CBD.


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