why hemp is better than cotton

Why hemp is better than cotton

Step aside, cotton! The future belongs to hemp, a fiber with a rich history now making waves in commercial applications. We proudly stand among the pioneers utilizing hemp, particularly in the realms of period and personal care. Dive into the reasons behind our choice of hemp over cotton and discover the superior qualities that set it apart. 
  1. Performance: Absorbent, Moister wicking & Lightweight
 Hemp has exceptional absorption capabilities, up to 2X more than cotton. This superior absorption not only keeps you feeling dry but also minimizes the need for frequent changes. Hemp is also naturally moister wicking meaning liquid is absorbed quickly so you don't have that constant damp feeling. Being a natural fiber, hemp is lightweight and breathable all while maintaining its other performance qualities.  


  1. Antimicrobial Marvel: Keeping TSS at Bay
One of hemp's standout features is its antimicrobial properties. Hemp naturally restricts the growth of bacteria and fungi, including staphylococcus aureus—the culprit behind Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and E Coli a mian culprit of Bacterial Vaginosis. Opting for hemp-based products can create a safer and healthier period experience. Being antimicrobial also means hemp does not require pesticides and herbicides to grow while cotton is one of the largest users worldwide.  
  1. Carbon Sequestration: A Climate-Friendly Choice
Hemp is carbon-negative, sequestering approximately 7 tons of carbon dioxide per acre. This means hemp products are practically always carbon negative or neutral as its high sequestration rate makes up for any production or transportation induced emissions. Meanwhile cotton emits about 1-2 tons of CO2 per acre.  
  1. Water Saving: No Water Needed
 Hemp cultivation requires up to 5X less water compared to cotton. Even in hot and dry climates many farmers do not need to water their hemp apart from what it naturally absorbs through rain and the ground water.  
  1. Farmer Friendly: Growing a Sustainable Future
Hemp uses 3X less land to produce the same fiber output as cotton. It has fast growth and a short cultivation cycle allowing it to harvest multiple times a year. Hemp also used for bioremediation, enriching and cleaning the soil.
With its unmatched absorption, antimicrobial qualities, carbon sequestration, water conservation, and farmer-friendly characteristics, hemp emerges as the eco-friendly, cleaner, and more comfortable alternative. Embrace hemp-based menstrual care products to contribute to a movement for a healthier, more sustainable future.