how to have a comfortable, energetic period with katey yurko

How to Have a Comfortable, Energetic Period with Katey Yurko

I think the majority of women can get to a place where they have a really healthy, comfortable, regular period.

I do go inward on my period, I rest… but my energy doesn’t take this huge crash anymore like it used to. In fact I am able to still get all my shiz done and feel pretty dang good through it all.

I do get cramps, but they are SO minimal. Very manageable and I can pretty much go on living life. They dwindle fast though. Like I said in the title, my period truly is a comfortable one.

I pray for the girls who have rough periods. It is no joke and I know how much they suffer and sometimes even feel like they are getting behind in life. I mean my goodness some women’s periods last an entire week!! I care for you if that is you and I sincerely am sending that energy out that you can get it figured out. You DESERVE a manageable period. I really hope some of what worked for me can work for you.

You should know this is NOT medical advice. I am simply sharing my experience. My period used to be full of horrible cramps, extremely irregular, even affected my bladder. Oh and my boobs used to get SO sore it was unreal. These days I’m regular but do to such LITTLE PMS I’m like— where are my warning signs that my period is starting?! Haha! My boobs aren’t sore anymore! I also used to be quite the biotch on my period. Now I’m only slightly bitchy on day one. ;) And usually just to Dan HAHA.


1. The week before my period I start to slow down on caffeine. The EXACT week before. Now I want to be very clear— I DO still drink caffeine. But it looks like— instead of my usual 2 cups of coffee, I do 1 cup and then 1 matcha later in the day. Just can’t risk the excess cortisol during that last week of the luteal phase you feel me? It’s already a time when stress is higher. P.S I have super strict standards for Matcha. I do think Matcha can be soooooo incredible for the body. Like it’s wild the compounds in matcha. Therefore I do want the best (I use Pique and have for years.)

2. I eat a lot of fiber, especially in the first half of my cycle (aka follicular phase). I learned this from Kate (@carbsandkate)— this helps detox some excess estrogen. I do deal with estrogen dominance (slight) so I need to be getting that fiber in baby. Sometimes I’ll just blend up some veggies and water and slam it down my throat. It’s pulpy.. and not fun to drink… but it helps get the job done.

3. Speaking of Kate, I love her cycle bites. My friend Jamie loves them too. It’s a food-based multi vitamin specifically for reducing symptoms of PMS. You eat one every day. I think they are super good and very high quality- they have a cacao-ginger taste to them. They also have 2000mg of ginger in them— those are the numbers I am looking for!

4. GINGER GINGER GINGER. I drink a sheeeeeit ton of ginger. I do think it helps with inflammation and it’s also great for circulation. See my ginger cube video because that’s what I’m doing nearly every day along with a cycle bite a day.

5. I do NOT exercise on the first two days of my period.
And oh how my nervous system loves that I seek rest consistently on those days. My whole body loves it. Your body works so hard internally on your period. I truly just don’t think it’s time for a workout. Walking is okay.

6. PERIOD UNDERWEAR. Swear to G they changed my life. I am ALL about the free bleed. It’s so much more comfortable for your body. I just don’t think it’s natural to put something up your hoohah during your period. I am sooooo much more comfortable using period underwear or a pad. P.S I think the best pads are made by this brand (I am learning Hemp is the way of the future for period products!)

7. I am pretty dang consistent on monitoring my sex hormones. At least once a year. I use Nimbus Healthcare— an at-home test kit and you even get a 30 min call with a doctor who reads your labs through a functional lens. It’s so good to figure this out! Oh and they check adrenal health too! My code VIOLETFOG gets you 10% off which is nice!

8. No sucking in the belly!!! If I am inflamed I just let it fly baby. Luteal phase- bloating can happen extra. No restrictive clothes! No mean comments to yourself. NO DIETING. You need extra calories during the luteal phase! Just let yourself be extra cozy.

9. DIM supplement and lots of cruciferous veggies. I take DIM for excess estrogen detox (something I need but you might not) and I make sure to eat as many cruciferous veggies as I can throughout the month. VERY helpful for my period. Cruciferous veggies are also amazing for the liver which we love.

10. Chinese Medicine tinctures. My first Chinese Medicine doctor was the first one to get me on a concoction of Chinese herbs because my cramps were so bad they were even hurting my bladder. It was the FIRST time I ever felt true relief on my period. This is before I even tried 1-9 of the above and it made such a big difference. After that I started using Elix and still do to this day. Elix tinctures are UNREAL. They are so clean and VERY POTENT— A must because not all are. They use pattern diagnosing and make you a personal tincture so that’s why the intake on the website is so long. That’s a good thing!! My code is for bundles and gets you 20% off. Code is VIOLETFOG20.

I would start with Chinese Medicine if you could only do one thing and need to start making a dent NOW— and if you could only do two things, get this and the data on your sex hormones. Best if you do both. If you could only do THREE things I would say start incorporating that ginger and fibrous cruciferous veggies! But this whole list was soooo helpful for me. Again- not med advice!

***Some of these links I get a teeny tiny commission! But no brand paid me to be on this list! Just wanted you to know because I’m always honest with the besties <3

I so hope this was helpful!!!


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