a sustainable earth day with hempress hygienics

A sustainable Earth Day with Hempress Hygienics

For Hempress Hygienics, the Earth is our inspiration and the very essence of our being. Co-founders, Marilyn and McKenna, had a passion for the planet years before the company was founded. McKenna was heavily involved in her college’s sustainability initiatives, and both McKenna and Marilyn have worked in numerous positions focused on creating a positive environmental impact.  

They saw a problem within the personal care industry: the staggering amount of waste it generates, approximately 300 pounds per woman, taking centuries to decompose. It was their passion that led them to solve that problem by creating personal care products that aligned with the natural rhythms of the body and the Earth.  

Made With Natural Hemp Fibers  

To solve modern sustainability problems, Hempress looked to the ancient wisdom of utilizing hemp fibers, creating the first hemp based period and personal care products. Hemp plants use five times less water and three times less land than cotton. Hemp's remarkable absorbency, twice that of cotton, also results in lightweight products that are naturally antimicrobial, limiting bacterial growth. 


Hemp’s ability to flourish without the need for pesticides or herbicides ensures no trace of chemicals in Hempress products. Instead, they are crafted without toxins, chlorine, bleach, and artificial fragrances.  


Hemp plants sequester seven tons of carbon dioxide per acre, making the plant carbon negative. This not only offsets emissions but also enriches the soil where it grows. 


Biodegradability tests have proven Hempress products to be more biodegradable than major competitors. All pads, liners, and swabs biodegrade rapidly in compost and landfill environments. All packaging is sustainable and plant based, making it safe to recycle, reuse, and compost.  

Conscious Supply Chain 

Hempress products are curated in the European Union, adhering to the highest health and sustainability regulations in the world. Operating on solar and wind energy alone, the facility proudly holds FSC certification and is strategically located near hemp and cotton fields to minimize emissions from transportation.  

At Hempress we remain devoted to our beautiful Earth. We have always believed that like us, the products we use should come from and return to the Earth, and we have committed ourselves to creating sustainable products to do just that. This planet is our muse and we will forever be dedicated to creating products that take care of it.