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Women of the Earth

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Everything we place in or on our skin from lotion, sunscreen, feminine products, oils and makeup all seep into our skin and flow into our bloodstream.  Our skin is made up of millions and millions of immune cells and when we chose to put the right, natural products on our skin we can prevent the cold and flu, nourish the lymph nodes, and calm anxiety.  However, much of the products we normally see in stores don't understand this knowledge and disconnect us from the earth by disconnecting us from knowledge of our bodies.  For example, as a high schooler, my friends and I were weirdly obsessed with Summer's Eve, led there...

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Stop the Guilt.

According to the Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 84% of consumers globally prefer responsible products... then why isn't 84% of our marketplace responsible? In a perfect world, only environmentally and socially conscious products working for a greater good would be available. While this is definitely possible, the global marketplace does not necessarily offer such products for all of our needs, yet. As people’s desires for green living continue to grow and more regulations come along, we need options to support people and the planet. That is, options that are also accessible, affordable, and amazing (had to stick with the a's). Even if people do prefer responsible products, they can sometimes be more expensive or harder to get than those chemical-filled plastic items that are oh so cheap...

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