Stop the Guilt.

Stop the Guilt.

According to the Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 84% of consumers globally prefer responsible products... then why isn't 84% of our marketplace responsible?

In a perfect world, only environmentally and socially conscious products working for a greater good would be available. While this is definitely possible, the global marketplace does not necessarily offer such products for all of our needs, yet. As people’s desires for green living continue to grow and more regulations come along, we need options to support people and the planet. That is, options that are also accessible, affordable, and amazing (had to stick with the a's).

Even if people do prefer responsible products, they can sometimes be more expensive or harder to get than those chemical-filled plastic items that are oh so cheap and EVERYWHERE. This may have to do with the billions of dollars dedicated to subsidizing fossil fuels... but that's for another time. Anyway, there is bound to be guilt when people want to buy responsible products but have to resort to something that is um- not so great. Sometimes the best option is not always possible and we want to change that so no one has to be guilty of contributing to mindless production.

For a long time, I was an opposer to all hints of putting all the responsibility on the consumer to choose the "best option". Believing firm in the idea that the government will force all industries to prioritize positive impact. I did not think we should stress individual choices as much as what businesses choose to produce. Turns out, the whole relying on the government for change is not as predictable or efficient as I thought. In addition, I soon learned the power of the consumer and how production responds to what people buy a lot faster than waiting months and months before the next ballot to be voted on.

Each purchase you make is a vote for what future products should look like. While you are buying, put your money where your heart is. Know that when you chose Hempress, you are voting for a company that cares about:

  • Climate Change
  • Women Empowerment
  • Pollution
  • Health

And that's nothing to be guilty about.

Hempress Hygienics will be one of the most sustainable disposable feminine hygiene products out there, so it won't be difficult to chose the best option.

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-McKenna Avery

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