My journey with health and wellness-Marilyn

       Hey guys it’s Marilyn and I want to talk to you guys a bit about health and wellness. If you read my first blog, “HER: Our Cofounder Marilyn Austin,” you know I love to be active and health and wellness has become a very big part of my life. I was raised in San Diego where there is a huge health and fitness culture paired with some amazing weather which has ingrained this lifestyle into my personality. I think the most important thing when it comes to exercising and being healthy is finding the things you genuinely love to do. This way not only are you actually having fun when your working out, or cooking, or doing yoga, but it will also cause you to be consistent. Now before I get into my personal health and fitness regime I want to highlight the fact that everyone is different and should do what makes them feel the best and happiest. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. There is no one way or correct way and everyone should do what they think is the best for them and makes them the happiest. 

      That being said, I want to talk about how I have ingrained heath into my life in multiple aspects. From a physical standpoint as referenced earlier I love to work out. I go to the gym and lift about 3-5 days a week, focused predominantly on body building type of workouts. For example, I split workouts into muscle groups, go heavy in some lifts, and work on overall strength and conditioning. I also do jiu jitsu twice a week which has not only been incredibly informative and useful but also quite fun. Jiu jitsu is also where I integrate some cardio because I am one of those people that hate running. I have experimented with a lot of different workout styles, I have run a ½ marathon, tried multiple workout programs, and have seen my body change in various ways over the years. I have found weight lifting makes me happiest with my results and is what I truly enjoy doing the most. Going to the gym, putting my headphones in blasting rap, and getting to work is the best escape I could ask for. I am able to carve out at least an hour every day of, “me time,” where I can clear my head and simply focus on what my body is doing in that moment. And let me tell ya it is freeing! Now apart from my weekly workout schedule as referenced earlier I love to be active outside and every weekend am probably found hiking, rollerblading, swimming, snowboarding, surfing, doing yoga, or really anything that will get me moving and feeling good. Now obviously this type of schedule is not for everyone and believe me working full time, working on Hempress, and working out, creates many time conflicts. But, I do everything I can to get some exercise in everyday because I know it will help me feel 100% better, more confident, and more productive. No matter what your passionate about or enjoy if it means that much to you, you will find time for it, and that's what I do for working out. 

     Moving on from exercise let's talk about what everyone references as 70% of results, your diet. Diet is truly the hardest part for me. I am a foodie through and through and have just about zero will power when someone offers me any type of free food (I mean any), or when I walk into a store and see Hot Cheetos and cookies, and ice cream. Despite my aggressive sweet, sour, salty, and everything tooth I really try to keep a clean, consistent diet. One way I keep track of my eating is through fasting. I intermittent fast 16 hours a day so I only eat 12pm-8pm. Of course there are days where I do not eat perfectly in that window but for the most part that is my daily eating routine. Also because I work full-time this is a really easy schedule for me to follow and it helps me eat healthy. I meal prep every Sunday and basically cook some form of a healthy protein, healthy carb, and veggies, and have them ready for my lunches throughout the week. I love to cook so I like to try new recipes and always add a lot of flavor (AKA Tapatio) to mix up my meals so that I never get tired of the same old chicken, rice, and veggies. Another few things I do to stay healthy is I drink a gallon of water a day, I stay away from coffee, and the only supplement I have ever taken is protein powder. If you want to start making small steps to being healthier maybe first start with your water intake. Being hydrated is extremely beneficial to your health and is supposed to make you look better which is always a perk. What I do to make it easy and manageable is I have a reusable water bottle and tell myself I have to drink one every two hours while I’m at work, at least one while I am working out, and at least one in the evening. It is incredibly manageable when I break it up that way and although you may pee all. The. time. It really does help y 

     Some other healthy habits unrelated to diet and exercise I have adopted are reading before bed, getting good sleep (hopefully at least 8 hours), staying organized, creating a skin care routine, and most importantly personal time. I am someone who needs time to recharge and I know that about myself. Every chance I get to be alone and just relax, read, work on something I care about, or simply zone out to Netflix is time that makes me feel and act like a much better person. Being busy all the time (especially mentally) is exhausting and I know I need to always ensure I get some chill time. I also definitely believe in treating yourself (maybe too much at times) and the look good feel good idea.

     Another thing I know about myself is I like to feel put together. Clutter, and a full laundry basket, and a dirty car give me anxiety. I like to keep my personal spaces organized because it helps me keep my mental space organized. Another aspect of this for me is appearance, and to feel put together means nails and lashes. As superficial as it sounds it makes me feel more confident and ready to tackle the day. I budget to allow myself to do these things once a month and truly find no harm in a little self-love and adornment especially when it is done for the purpose of making yourself feel good (and done in moderation.) Once again these are just my personal preference and help me keep a healthy mental state and attitude. 

      You know what you need. Whether it is sleep, or the ocean, or to vent to a friend about your boss, or to get your nails done, make sure to give yourself that. Being happy, and feeling confident and productive does not come easily to most people. Your relationship with yourself and the world around you is the most important relationship you will ever be in. Cherish it and nurture it so that you can live YOUR best life and feel fulfilled. There is no one size fits all model and there is no easy way to figure out what works best for you. All you can do is to try new things and most importantly try to be better every single morning. 

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