HER: Our Cofounder Marilyn Austin

What's up everyone my name is Mariyn Austin and I am a cofounder of Hempress Hygienics! A little bit of background about me is that I was raised in San Diego, California and then after high school I moved to Rome, Italy for my first year of college. After a year in Italy,  then transferred to Oregon State University where I majored in Economics and Business Management, and just graduated this past Spring 2019. I now live in Southern California where I am a financial advisor for a large bank and work on Hempress. In my free time I love to be active! Being that I live in sunny Southern California I often go to the beach, hiking, rollerblading, fishing, working out and  just anything that will get me outside and moving! I also love to travel and listen to music and have therefore visited many countries and attended many concerts. I am a big proponent of spending your money on experiences not things, and definitely practice it in my life. 

My true passions revolve around the environment and social outreach, specifically focused on women around the world. I have always had the goal to start a company that is focused on the environment, I strive to  live as eco-friendly as possible, and try to be an advocate for environmental issues. I also have an extreme desire to help women around the world who suffer from many issues mostly centered on women's health, social biases, and overall societal oppression. 

Hempress is/has been the perfect opportunity for me to bring all my passions and skills into one place, to make a company with a mission around having a positive impact. We incorporated Hempress Hygienics in June 2019 as a C-Corp and are established as a Benefit Company so that we are always able to make  business decisions that are consistent with our social and environmental values, and not simply focused on the bottom line. We own 100% of the company and have been able to raise our initial funds through pitch competitions, grants, and personal investment but we are still in the process of raising capital for our launch later this year. My vision for this company is to be a leader is business to introduce the world to greener technology and processes as well as displaying that corporations can be devoted to an environmental and social mission and still be successful. Help us on our journey to being the world's healthiest and most environmental feminine hygiene company!

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