HER: Empowerment Comes Through Lifting Up Others

Hi Hempresses! My name is Halli Briscoe and I am a Co-founder of Hempress Hygienics by Efflur alongside my fellow founders: Camryn and Marilyn. I am 21 years old and I have completed my Honors Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an option in Entrepreneurship and am now completing my MBA in Organizational Leadership. I have been a member of the Oregon State Gymnastics team for the past three years and will finish up my eligibility this year! 

Gymnastics has empowered me to be confident in myself and my abilities as well as being comfortable with addressing my weaknesses. It has given me the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands with my team and our performances and it has also given me the opportunity to grow in myself and lead a healthy, love-filled life. I have faced many trials and tribulations, but the family, teammates, and coaches that have been placed by my side have helped me to see my strength and resilience. 

As much as participation in gymnastics and overcoming mental and physical challenges has empowered me, nothing has empowered me more in my life than helping those in need. In the summer of 2017 I was able to take a trip to Ghana, Africa with a nonprofit organization that holds a care center year-round for previously trafficked children. They take them in and raise them into adults while helping them heal psychologically and physically, providing them with an education, and giving them the chance to be apart of a loving family filled with hope. I got to meet these children and visit their schools, and it was so clear to me when I left that I wanted to devote my life to helping others receive the opportunities that I was blessed with from the start. As a business major and an Honors student I decided to write my thesis as a nonprofit business plan, modeling that of the organization I had the privilege to visit. This work made me excited about a future career in starting nonprofits and working as a social entrepreneur. I am still working towards opening care centers and am in the process of exploring a few other social entrepreneurship ventures. 

During this time I was in a marketing class with Camryn and we had to present a marketing pitch for a product of our choice that had to be made from hemp. Camryn came up with the idea to do hemp feminine hygiene products. We developed an entire marketing plan and won the presentation competition with our group. The idea behind our products was that they would be healthy for women because using industrial hemp in the place of cotton takes away the use of harmful chemicals in the products, and they would be healthy for the environment due to the properties of hemp that allow it to be completely biodegradable. Most importantly our marketing plan focused on the creation of a movement that would end the stigma around the menstrual cycle. We would unite women around the world by distributing our products through a buy-one-give-one business model. We would help women find their confidence by not having to worry about what chemicals were going into their bodies. We would package our products in hemp-made cloth bags instead of bright pink wrapping to take away the shame many women feel when they have to pull out a pad or tampon and go to the restroom. We would build a community of empowered women helping other women to find their confidence in themselves and their bodies. 

After winning this competition we were asked to join Launch Academy, a program under Innovation X at Oregon State. At the same time we were accepted into the OSU Advantage Accelerator in order to transform our marketing idea into an actual business. 

And that is exactly what we did! Hempress Hygienics by Efflur was started in May 2019 and has been going through R&D so that we can bring women the products they deserve. We focus on “Her”, the powerful woman who does not have time to be held back by a stigma that revolves around something she cannot control. Hempress Hygienics is going to empower “Her” by providing a product that does not hurt the body and the environment. It will give “Her” a community of healthy women to be apart of who help other women around the world. She will fight the stigma, and revealing her confidence, lead an army of strong women and become a beautiful, powerful Hempress.

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