All about Hemp!

Hello all! Its Marilyn again and today I’m hoping I can answer some questions about hemp and why we have chosen it for our products.

So first and foremost, what the heck is it? 

Hemp is in the cannabis sativa species and is grown specifically for its fiber. The fiber is extracted from the stem and is commonly called “blast.” 

So what is the difference between hemp and marijuana? 

Hemp and marijuana are completely different varieties of the cannabis sativa species with very different properties. Hemp is grown specifically for its fiber and has very little amounts of THC (less than .03%) and therefore has no psychoactive properties. AKA hemp cannot get you high. Also hemp fiber is grown by the male plant while CBD is grown by a female plant. Female plants have much higher concentrations of CBD and cannot grow alongside male plants because the female will be fertilized which greatly decreases the quality/quality of its CBD oil. So in summary; hemp is not the same as marijuana, it is not a drug, and the male species (which we use) is not used for CBD but is truly only used for its fiber. 

Okay so now that we have some basics covered about hemp, I want to talk about its many advantages and why we have chosen it for our products. The feminine hygiene industry currently requires no list of ingredients for products, and does not require any FDA approval process for pads and liners. This means most of the products currently on the market are filled with unnatural materials and chemicals. These substances can have adverse effects on your body and overall are plain unhealthy to be using on your most valuable biological real estate. For instance Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can be a fatal condition, occurs when women are poisoned with a bacteria called staphylococcus which is released from women's tampons.  Apart from Toxic Shock Syndrome women are very susceptible to infections. About 75% of women experience yeast infections, 50% of women experience bladder infections, and one in every five women experience a UTI.  Hemp can solve all of these problems because it is antimicrobial, meaning it is antibacterial and anti-fungal. 

So what causes all of these conditions/infections? Bacteria and fungi. 

And what does hemp protect against? Bacteria and Fungi. 

So not only does hemp help protect against very painful and even deadly infections but this quality also means there is no need for pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals like bleach and chlorine in the growing or production process. This is a major advantage because if you didn't know, most feminine hygiene products have chemical residue on them which then goes into your body!

Not only are the products unhealthy but they use cotton which is incredibly unsustainable and environmentally damaging. Cotton accounts for 25% of pesticide use worldwide. Pesticides pollute the soil, ground water, nearby waterways which can lead to dead zones, and kills important insects like bees. Along with pesticides, cotton is water intensive, resource intensive, and due to its soil stripping properties must be rotated often. 

So how does hemp measure up against cotton environmentally?

Let's break it down a bit. It takes 9.7L to grow 1KG of cotton fiber, hemp uses 2.1L almost 5X less! An acre of cotton produces 500 pounds of fiber, one acre of hemp produces 1,500 pounds of fiber (3X more fiber per acre.)  Cotton fiber harvests in approximately 140-160 days after planting, hemp harvests in approximately 60-110 (in some cases ½ the time to produce 3X more fiber.

Okay so now you know hemp is significantly more sustainable than cotton, but can it perform as well?

Hemp is 4X more durable and 2-3X more absorbent than cotton. So yes it can do the same job, but does it better, and using less fiber. Hemp also has over 25,000 different uses from concrete and plywood to clothes and paper making it extremely versatile and easily manipulated. 

All in all hemp is pretty dang amazing. It is healthier, more eco-friendly, and it outperforms cotton in every way. This is why we are using it for our products and why we are so excited to get them out to the public! At Hempress our mission is to provide all women the healthy products they need and deserve, and to help save the environment while we do it. We can’t wait to see what the future of hemp and our company will be and if you are too stay updated by following us on social media! We are, "Hempress Hygienics," on instagram and facebook, and always feel free to email us at Thank you for reading and remember, hemp is not a drug it is an amazing fiber! 


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